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600 pound Goliath Grouper

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an estimated 600 pound Goliath Grouper monster huge fish that breaks his rod. The fish breaks his rod!


Massive White Sturgeon

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Capture of a huge fish, a Massive White Sturgeon on the Fraser River BC. rnrnSturgeon are prehistoric fish that have lived for around 200 million years. The earliest fossils are from the Jurassic period, found in China, and dated to be 125-150 million years old.rn rnThe present form of sturgeon is very similar, basically unchanged, from sturgeon dating back 65 million years to the Cretaceous period to the time when the Dinosaurs became extinct.rn rnThere are 29 recognized sturgeon species worldwide (as recognized by the World Sturgeon Conservation Society) and they only live in the Northern Hemisphere from the South Arctic Ocean to around the Tropic of Cancer. In North America there are nine species: Alabama, Atlantic, Green, Gulf, Lake, Pallid, Shortnose, Shovelnose, and White.rn rnSturgeon are a bizarre fish, with many characteristics uniquely their own. First of all being their scutes; All sturgeon have 5 rows of bony plates called scutes. The picture below shows all 5 rows. Starting at the top; Ventral/Belly - Lateral/Side - Dorsal/Top - Lateral/Side - Ventral/Belly.


snake lure

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Cool fish footage snake lure,huge fish great action.


largest fish

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Watch as Ben Chancey as he battles the largest fish of his life while nearly getting pulled overboard ...


Shark Attack While Fishing

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Shark Attack While Fishing


Monster tuna on a bamboo rod

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Monster tuna on a bamboo rod

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